Rosalyn Albert

Hello and welcome! I’m Ros, a British children’s author living in Sydney with my husband, Pete and two gorgeous girls, Sophie and Mila.
I’m best known as the author of the Let’s Go! series of board books for toddlers, and I love writing stories that spark children’s imaginations and make them giggle.

Having young children and discovering so many wonderful books over the years, as well as re-discovering favourites from my own childhood, inspired me to write my own.

Reading to my children is one of the most special things I get to do as a parent. Those moments of calm at the end of each busy day where you can snuggle up together and be transported to another world, creates a very special bond between parent and child.

I don’t think you can ever own enough picture books!  I hope you enjoy mine. X

Top Picks for Summer 2020!

Join two friends as they embark on exciting adventures in space and at sea! This fun and engaging series will help your little ones discover the pleasure of travel on board a ferry and up in a rocket, for the very first time!

Offspring Magazine

Let's Go!: On a Rocket!

A perfectly packaged little board book with delightful illustrations and a fun, catchy rhyme for teeny readers to enjoy.


Brilliant Board Books!

These two books reflect the author’s obvious passion for travel in engaging tales featuring different forms of transport. The stories are written in rhyming text, introducing technical vocabulary in a fun and gentle way. The quality of the writing is glorious, so as the children travel in the ferry they describe it thus “We skim like pebbles over waves.” Natalia Moore’s lively illustrations perfectly complement the text. You can almost feel the sea-spray on your face as you travel “On a Ferry” and who wouldn’t want to travel “On a Rocket” to meet the friendly, bug-eyed aliens.

V’s View from the Bookshelves

Board Book Fun!

In this new series, as well as enjoying the excursions, tinies will likely acquire some new vocabulary along with way.

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Illustrations by Natalia Moore.